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Friday, April 1, 2011

Universal Life Church - handfastings

I would love to share *s*.  I always love to share.

We are very small, perhaps 100 members.  We're scattered all over the place.  We work primarily with the homeless, finding that most have a very deep need to be loved ... so we move them to see that God and in His Son, Jesus ... they are very loved.  After that, if they put forward of themselves, they reap what is sown.

It's a very basic lesson.

On a more 'traditional' note, we preside over weddings/handfastings, baptisms/namings ... the occasional funeral.

Our rectory was burned when we officiated at a Pagan handfasting.  They hung a cross upside down and it was too close to the building.  We managed to get the living beings (ourselves) out, but lost most of everything else.  I know the paperwork, like through your organization is important, but ... there were children in the house ... they came first, along with the pets and other things that breath.

We presided over two more handfastings in the shell of what was left and one wedding the following weekend and the arsonists can just go eat cake *lol*.  They were NOT shutting me up or stopping me.

We are now in Michigan and looking at acquiring a property up north around Houghton Lake.  When I have an address set up more permanent ... I'll do a change with you in a more timely manner.

There's more, but I don't want to bore you, you've probably gotten your fill of people like myself ... talking your ear off.

Rev. Guinevere Haworth

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